Universal Search – What the hell is it?

You have all come across universal search whether you know it or not. Those pretty Google maps which keep popping up in your search results. Example: “Los Angeles Hotels” or when you are looking for the timezone for England to work out if its too late to call your relatives “England Time Zone”

Ok, now why the hell am i even talking about this and how is it relevant to your marketing efforts? Wel, the tricky thing is that if a site is optimised correctly then yor content can showup on Googles homepage as an image rather than just a text link! Wow, imagine the traffic you would receive from a contextually relevant banner ad on the front page of Google!

Just take a moment to think about the potential. Your sites contextually relevant content, featured on the HOME PAGE of Google. How much more traffic do you think you would get compared to all your competitors? 5 times, 10 times? Thats some powerful stuff!

Universal search brings some amazing possibilities to the table but it also takes new strategies and some out of the box thinking in order to properly optimize sites. My point in writing this post, is that Universal search is out there and you have to be aware of it. We are always trying to stay on the cutting edge for our clients so rest assured i will be making more posts shortly on this topic!

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