Jerry Yang Isn’t Bill Gates.. Duuhhh

The new york post wrote a story about Yahoo’s Jerry Yang’s emotions getting the better of him and that it could be clouding his judgement when it comes to properly considering the Microsoft takeover proposal for Yahoo. Jerry openly despises Microsoft and its no secret, so its quite possible that the deal hasn’t even been properly considered as it should have been given the companies recent poor performance.

So Yes, Jerry isn’t a bill gates. He came up with one massive idea and is worth a few billion dollars but i can’t see his business skills extending further than that of Yahoo. The board of directors should have hired a seasoned veteran, a CEO with some business accumen to take over after Terry Semmel left and that decision has led to the companies poor share price (Apart from the fact Google is whipping them in search).

Good luck to you Yahoo, but its a very long road to stay independant for you at this point. Maybe it’s time to speak to your friend Rupert about that other option!

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