Heatmaps – Great Way to Optimize Your Website

Ever wanted to know just how well a campaign has gone? This great service from CrazyEgg.com can show you analytics in a whole new light and it’s FREE! Well not completely free, depending on your traffic volume requirements.

This service is great for optimizing landing pages or looking at increasing your advertising revenue if you are a publisher.

So how does it work?

  • Sign up and create an account
  • Enter in the URL page you want to track
  • Insert the tracking code on that page
  • Start tracking – it’s that easy

The difference between crazyegg.com and other services is that it offers so many variations to visualise your data and it’s LIVE data too.

  1. Heatmaps – this is a great way to picture where the people are clicking on your landing page. It gives you an instant visual impact or ‘hot spots’ on that particular page
  2. Confetti – shows you where the clicks are coming from, the volume of clicks, search terms and much more. Confetti is a great way to visual the various colours and where they are mostly congregated on the page
  3. Overlay – this element shows you the volume of clicks that were generated on the page, either it be the buttons on the page, images or forms and also gives you a breakdown in % volumes where the people were referred from
  4. List – this shows you basically identified objects (meaning main pages) that have been clicked on and also unidentified (which in most cases means links or buttons). It will also give you a % volume on the popularity of that object

Other great advantages that include in the paid version of the service is that you are able to share the data with clients, bosses or friends. You can also block certain IPs if you feel suspicious of them. Also have crazyegg.com send you notifications via email or RSS, this can help you keep on track of your campaign or advertising.

I’ve been using this service for just over a month now – and I think it’s great. It’s simple and easy to use and gives me the data that I need in order to help my clients achieve their goals. So thumbs up and let’s hope they keep improving their services.

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