Local Search is Growing – Time to Jump On Board!

One thing I have noticed lately is that surfers are becoming far more aware of geo-location based searches. The explosion in user education which has happened thanks mainly to Google has trained users into searching for location specific everyday items. “Pizzas near me”, “New York restaurants” etc.

My comments in this post relate specifically to Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or Paid search campaigns related to local search, i will be posting a seperate and more in depth article on organic local search.

Now, the problem with the vast majority of search agencies is that very few have taken their clients down the local search path and still build search campaigns specifically around the ultra high volume and cost keywords, ultimately missing the local opportunity. Some clients of course get more use out of localised campaigns than others. Restaurants, Doctors, YMCA’s of course should be focusing on their specific locations, however massive, broad reaching businesses such as Yellow Pages, Hotel networks and other businesses which span massive numbers of locations still seem to be showing generic advertising copy and delivering users to the wrong content.

I guess what I am trying to say is that – Local search is here and its growing much faster than the general search landscape. Users want and expect completely localised results, tailored to their location and giving them everything they are looking for on the FIRST PAGE after clicking a link. Not browsing through a few different post landing pages to find what they want. It’s time to start thinking locally and about how you or your clients can leverage this massive opportunity.

On average, every local search campaign we run saves our clients 20% on the cost of their clicks. That’s 20% more clicks for simply optimising the hell out of their content and properly structuring search campaigns.

There will be a series of upcoming articles and guides on local search and the opportunities which exist within the space. So stay tuned!

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