How Tiny Design Decisions Can Make All the Difference For Your Site’s Profits.

Along the same lines as yesterday’s article, I want to look a little more at how tiny psychological decisions can make all the difference when it comes to a customer saying yes or no.

Typography Really Matters

A recent study just proved it — when it comes to saying yes to something, the simplicity with which it’s presented makes a massive difference. When an exercise program was written up in a difficult font, far more people expected it to be that much harder to start. Whereas when Arial was used, the opposite effect happened — people actually interpreted the exercises (identical in both cases) as easier.

The same went for recipes, where a tough font made an otherwise straightforward recipe seem much more elaborate and difficult than it otherwise was. This is why some restaurants use complex fonts — to convey the difficulty and exclusivity of a particular dish.

How Can This Study Help Our Websites?

We’re not saying this just because we design a ton of successful websites for our clients, but one thing that’s important is to listen to your designers. Even if you don’t always agree with them, a whole lot of decision-making resides behind the choices they’ve made for your website.

When clients don’t have a full branding campaign in place, we often take the time, as an agency, to present them with a new logo idea or two. We purposefully go out of our way to not make these logos complicated, for the very same reasons outlined in the study. Complex typography indicates difficulty and complexity, and when you’re trying to sell something online, turning visitors away with a complex logo and site is the exact opposite of what we want.

Finding the Happy Medium

It’s not always easy to convince someone that a simple logo, done in Helvetica (or any easy-to-read font that looks good) is more effective than the elaborate one they had designed to their exact specifications, but studies like this back up the point.

In the end, of course, we design sites for the clients, not for us, so we always try to find that happy medium. But as an SEO Agency that specializes in creating great, optimized sites from the ground up, we’re really only happy when you’re making money, and when we feel an adjustment here or a simplification there could really drive your conversions up, we won’t hesitate to tell you.

Score Another Win For Split Testing

What’s so incredible about Google’s Website Optimizer is that it brings this kind of analytical, scientific testing to the design process. Sure, a few designers have inveighed against the relentless quantification of the online experience, suggesting that numbers aren’t everything, and we’re not saying they don’t have a point — you can analyze data until the end of time and it’s still not guaranteed to help you make a decision.

But what’s so great about split testing is that it confirms a lot of the solid design & marketing principles that good designers have been pushing anyway — a clear call-to-action, copy that moves visitors from point A to point B in the cleanest, most accessible way possible, and a simple approach that tells users what your site is and why it’s useful in seconds, not minutes.

When clients (and hopefully, one day, you!) work with us to get a site built and maintained, month-in and month-out, these, and thousands of other tiny, informed, crucial decisions make up the difference between one that’s successful and one that falls by the wayside. We’re always reading, always testing, always improving everything we do, and it shows in the results, rankings, and conversions our clients continue to get.

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2 Responses to “How Tiny Design Decisions Can Make All the Difference For Your Site’s Profits.”

  1. E. Keith Owens says:

    This led to a discussion that attempted to answer that but in the end left me pondering the very same question..The service industry.Many different types of businesses can actually be lumped into the service industry. Any business that runs on providing a specific service to a customer or client can be included. However the more I think about it the more I come to realize that somewhere along the line people have gotten the wrong idea about design..Are there misconceptions?.Most people would not take their car into a mechanic for new brakes then once the mechanic starts on the job tell them Can you also work on the transmission and put in a new battery?

  2. hemp says:

    alike possess certain behaviors that have adverse effects on their clientele. The quality of work isnt the only recipe of winning clients it is HOW you go about performing your work that really influences your clients..For graphic designers it is imperative to understand what you are dealing with.

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