Why Apple’s New iAd Platform is Good for Every Honest SEO Agency

Apple just launched its new iAd platform moments ago. If it’s successful — and based on Apple’s recently revealed numbers, it probably will be — it could change online advertising in a major way.

There are two fundamental things that make this important for SEO Agencies. But before I tell you what those are, just a warning: this doesn’t apply to every SEO company out there. This only works for the ones that do good web design as well. The ones that know online marketing inside and out. Who do research, who read. Who don’t sit back, who never coast (I happily include Loveclients in this category, of course).

Here’s why:

iAd Will Be the Biggest Competitor to Google’s AdWords & AdSense

There are about 85 million iPhone/iPod touch devices out there. By the time iAd launches, you can expect that number (add in iPad numbers too) to be quite a bit higher. None of these devices display Google’s ads properly. AdMob, the company Google is still in the process of purchasing, displays ads in tons of free applications, but these generally remove you from the application and take you into a web browser.

Apple realized a competitive advantage here. Since it controls the iPhone OS, it can create a better opportunity for in-app advertising, and that’s exactly what they’ve done. If it takes off, that’s 40% profits for Apple on every ad buy across the iPhone/iPod/iPad platform.

There is no other competitor to Google operating on this scale — Apple just announced a brand new platform, with new rules and new, as-of-yet-unseen tracking methods, that will eventually (this summer) compete on a major level with Google, albeit entirely in the mobile space.

What does this mean for SEO agencies? Well…

The Good SEO Agencies Will Leverage Their AdWords Skill for Compelling iAds

Advertising is advertising. Apple and Google know this, even though Google changed pretty much the entire game with their platform, and use it to drive nearly all of their earnings.

If your SEO Agency continuously educates itself on AdWords success, takes advantage of the inherent characteristics of the platform (for example, by knowing through experience what ads convert the best), and works hard to do PPC Management right, there’s no reason they won’t do the same with the iAd platform.

But it gets better…

SEO Agencies Who Build Standards-Compliant Websites Are Uniquely Positioned

First, agencies who don’t use flash are already at an advantage — we already work with standards because that’s what gets SEO results. It also happens to make good, accessible, future-proof, properly-degrading websites, too. Everyone wins.

But here’s the new development: Apple’s iAd platform is entirely HTML5-based. It is built on these standards. If your development team already knows how to build on these same standards, they already know how to make an iAd. OK, but hang on — anyone can make an HTML5 document these days. What makes a good SEO Agency any different? Well:

Combine that skill with advertising acumen. Now you’ve got the ultimate machine:

  • an SEO/PPC Management company who knows online advertising.
  • a company that can also build standards-based sites.
  • an agency that knows how to learn an evolving ad platform.
  • a company that knows how to market online.

It’s an all-in-one solution. If you’re looking for an internet marketing company that’s going to keep you on the cutting edge of the online ad market but makes sure you have a strong, solid foundation, that’s the kind of SEO Agency you need to find. (ahem)

This Will Change Our Industry

This is the “a-ha” moment for mobile ads. Apple controls the OS and a huge share of the smartphone market. Google controls another big chunk, and will no doubt transform AdMob into a competing platform with full AdWords integration across their devices.

Good agencies will be ready for all of this, because we’ve been getting ready for it from day 1, by following best practices and doing things right. Apple’s new platform and its standards-based foundation is a great validation for the way companies like Loveclients do business.

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