Your SEO Company is completely full of S*&%!

We have all received the emails, the cold calls and even seen the television commercials (yes, television commercials). Search Engine Optimization companies waxing their sales skills every which way to Sunday, promising #1 Rankings for any keyword, with the glorious promise:

We will get you ranked #1 in the Search Engines guaranteed!!

If you fell for that claim, and signed up to a service from a company that made a promise to peak your interest, then shame on you, and shame on them. As per the title of this article, Unfortunately: Your SEO Company is completely full of S*&%!

There are a bucket load of factors (more than 250 some say) that influence rankings within the search engines, no singular company can even remotely claim to control each. Good rankings are best achieved with great research and flawless execution, but there are simply so many external factors involved with getting a site to #1 for a certain key term, to make such a claim from the outset is completely misleading.

Search Engine Land‘s news editor, Matt McGee states: “The only way to even possibly come close to guaranteeing rankings is if you’re doing it on the paid side and happen to have a term that you’re willing to bid high enough on and to get high enough click through to sustain top spot. Also, personalisation comes into play: what you see might be different to what I see, so there’s absolutely no way to guarantee a number one ranking on Google“.

SEO is a competitive landscape, that is constantly changing, not a one off project. As with any other form of marketing, a company needs to keep the fly wheel spinning. Continually tweaking and iterating for improvements, while monitoring the results of those changes with professional tracking, and reliable metrics. Let me outline that again for you, just incase you missed it: SEO is not a ‘one off’ project, it never ends. As an SEO Company that charges a low monthly fee, we would question as to how any agency could possibly charge a one off fee for a service that effectively requires resources to be allocated on an ongoing basis.

Should you be of the thinking that all your SEO objectives have been met, then we would be the first to put our money on the fact that you are not making the most of the investment you made in your website & your ongoing marketing initiative. There’s always more that can be done, and always a wider audience to reach. Adding new or improving existing pages, or targeting more terms each month is far better than waiting for your competitors to trump your previous efforts. Gaining rankings is step 1, maintaining and expanding those rankings is a whole other ball game.

Readers, please, if you take only one morsel of knowledge from this very short and abrupt post – it is to question your SEO Company (including us) about their methods, their promises, and their guarantees. Only hire a transparent agency, that is happy to guide you through the process & execute each and every task with complete clarity.

Don’t fall for the shallow promises, there is simply no such thing as a Ranking guarantee. Period.

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