SEO Chat of the Month: Google Quality Guidelines

Using Live Chat Support Software on your website, can open your business up to some interesting conversations. On the plus side, we get to support our customers 24×7-365 and help resolve issues or assist in pre-sales queries, lightning fast.  On the downside however, we receive a myriad of anonymous chat requests from users all over the world, with live questions that are somewhat, well; questionable.

Sometimes, we’re not sure if it is because of the LOVE component in our company name, or if it is simply because Live Chat is such a quick, and anonymous, method for users to communicate directly with a company. The point is though, some of these transcripts are just begging to be shared.

The transcript below occurred today, the Visitor located us by typing in Seo Agency and thought we needed to buy what it is he was selling (Google Quality Guidelines (?)). We found it funny enough to call him/her the ‘Off-the-Back-of-the-Truck-Salesman‘. What a winner, enjoy:

Saturday, 24 Mar, 2012
[4:42] Visitor 922639087: Hello
[4:42] Dave has joined the conversation
[4:42] Dave: Hello, thanks for initiating a chat, how can we help?
[4:44] Visitor 922639087: I have new versions of the Google Rating Guidelines. In total 395 pages
[4:44] Visitor 922639087: In addition I also have a number of training videos and webinar recording
[4:45] Visitor 922639087: Everything ranging from page quality rating guidelines to video and image rating guidelines
[4:45] Dave: That’s nice.
[4:45] Dave: What can we help you with?
[4:46] Visitor 922639087: Would you be interested in them?
[4:46] Dave: heh
[4:46] Dave: Thank you, No.
[4:46] Dave: Is there anything else I can help you with?
[4:46] Visitor 922639087: Can i ask why>
[4:46] Visitor 922639087: ?
[4:46] Dave: I have a used pair of socks.
[4:46] Dave: Are you interested in them?
[4:47] Visitor 922639087: Everyone went mad for the 2011 leaked document and now here’s a revised version with new material too
[4:47] Visitor 922639087: Can I just stress this IS NOT the 2011 leak
[4:47] Dave: Thank you. We are not interested.
[4:47] Dave: Will there be anything else?
[4:48] Visitor 922639087: Why is everyone so smug about having the 2011 version when it’s been changed a number of times?
[4:48] Visitor 922639087: there’s an extra 20 pages
[4:48] Dave: Why are you attempting to sell something that you do not own?
[4:48] Visitor 922639087: and that is only one aspect of the rating process
[4:48] Dave: It isn’t about being smug, It is about having ethics.
[4:49] Dave: But thank you again. We are not interested in buying access to content, that you do not own the rights to resell.
[4:49] Visitor 922639087: Thanks anyway
[4:49] Dave: Bye
[4:49] Dave has left the conversation
[4:50] Visitor 922639087 has left the conversation

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